American Forest Management

Concept & Design
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July 2017
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American Forest Management provides deep market insight & unparalleled service to help landowners & consumers make wise decisions about their real-estate. 2016 marked the 50th anniversary of American Forest Management, and to celebrate this important event in their history AFM rebranded their identity. Part of this rebrand included a web experience.

Design Approach

The approach to AMF’s web experience had some extra huddles that needed to be considered. First and foremost this was not the first site UNION had designed and developed for AFM. The new site design needed to be constructed in a manner that utilized preexisting infastructure and development yet added a fresh perspective.

Part of this fresh perspective of course was to design within the boundaries of their newly established rebranding. This included new colors, fonts, photography, textures, iconography and of course - a new logo. With all of these new pieces in place the creative process was refined into a very intentional direction. The goal was execute this direction to in a mannor that met the expectations of AFM.